Monks in the Mosh Pits

When you were young, you would hide under the covers when you were scared of monsters because if you couldn’t see them and you were hidden in the covers, they couldn’t see you (in reality, you would be a huge bump under the covers — perfect monster prey)

who could be scared of these fellas?

who could be scared of these fellas?

much like monster aversion tactics, pollution aversion tactics work the same way. which is to say, for me, illogically. for instance, night time is the safest time to go outside, not just because the crime rate is absurdly low because we live in a police state. its the best time to go outside because you can’t see the pollution!!!! thus, the pollution can’t get you when during the day you can’t see more than 3 blocks in front of you.

China thrives off of irrationality and contradictions. so a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to stay alive/sane/flourish in this environment. how does that saying go? fight fire with fire? sometimes, i feel like my logic is like this:

really though, the pollution isn’t that bad. the western media hypes it up because news is made by broadcasting negative events or phenomena. oh well. i’ve come to accept and love the pollution as another facet of Beijing, and although i won’t miss it per say, it definitely doesn’t deter me in wanting to return

also, the other day, I happened to go to the Silk Market, basic a giant building with stores that sucker tourists into buying absurdly overpriced goods. I went to go buy a few soccer jerseys and as I was haggling with this shopkeeper, I was trying on some of the jerseys. which were XXXL. i really never thought i would ever be that big, but in a country where I am on average a foot taller than the majority of the citizens, i guess it makes sense. oh china size…

sometimes its like this trying on Chinese-size clothes

sometimes its like this when trying on Chinese-size clothes

on another note, it’s gotten ‘cold’ here in beijing. meaning barely 32°F. at night. or during the day when the pollution is so bad there is no sun. so naturally all Chinese (and U.S. west coast dwellers) think that the dead of winter has come. so, every morning, while i depart the apartment in a flannel or a sweatshirt, my mom wraps up Dudu like Randy from A Christmas Story.


it’s quite amusing. because this weather is coming about 2 months later than I usually experience, I think that coming back to the states in the middle of December might be a bit rough. at the same time though, because I knew that Beijing was never going to be actually cold, i didn’t bring any winter clothing. this has proven to be fantastic because if i had i would have no room in my suitcase for bringing presents back. here’s to hoping it doesn’t get America cold in the next few days.

in the dying days of this Beijing fall, I went to the new summer palace, which was a summer retreat on the outskirts of the city for the imperial family and coincidentally the home/playground of one of the teachers here (i believe i mentioned him earlier this year) when he was a child. it was a pretty cool estate.


its built on this massive lake, which would be pretty impressive if it was hand dug (not sure), and was even beautiful in the pretty much opposite of summer weather

the backside of the palace

the backside of the palace/mountain

naturally, as it’s built on a lake, the imperial family enjoyed dabbling in venturing out on the water. however, because of their ridiculous wealth, they could boat in style. which is to say, in pure marble. literally. they built a boat made out of marble. lavish, yes. but also sooooooooo amazingly cool. yes, it can’t actually sail. but it’s still saweeeet.

Last night, i caught a whiff of burned plastic as it passed by my nostrils while I was sitting on my bed. I glanced over and saw a wisp of smoke curl from the smoldering ruins as a faint orange glow of an ember nestled itself into the wires. ohhhhh shite. second laters my computer charger gave out after 4 years of service. I had known the end was coming. Just like Dr. Frankenstein, I had patched the charger together for the past two months, willing life into it. It had transformed into a monstrosity of silver and red duct tape that held together what had been increasingly unstable in its ability to provide power to my computer. Alas, the end was upon me. Computerless for the night, I caught up on reading my leisure book. 

sorta like this guy

it was sorta like this guy

This death may be a blessing in disguise though: 1. The smoldering ashes of my charger did not set the apartment on fire. 2. I will have less distractions when studying for my final in two weeks.

Oh well. China happens.

Whelp, I’m off to go eat some Thanksgiving food!!!…hopefully its good =/

Song of the Week: Skinny Genes by Eliza Doolittle

Bonus: On A Day by Atlas Genius

’til next time


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